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You Are Defined By What You Create

An unending road in the desert - a photo I took

I thought this would be an apt reboot.

It’s interesting how our society functions – at least modern western society. Without really thinking about it, we define ourselves by what we consume. What clothes we wear, transportation method we choose, things we eat, toys we buy, etc. And that sum of little choices is what we instinctively believe makes us who we are.

But the reality is not quite so. These consumption choices are transient choices, really by definition. What defines us, now and forever, is what we create. That could be a child. An idea that we elucidate, or better yet, make into a physical reality. A work of art, music, poetry, prose, dance, or even an interpretation of one. Even explicitly helping someone else create – these are actions.

These actions are what you read about and what people are remembered for. These actions are what really change the course of the universe.

You will be remembered by what you created and left behind, not by what you ate or bought.