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Talking AI, ethics, & climate with Dr. Sasha Luccioni of Hugging Face

The pod booth at All In
Photo courtesy of Scale AI, Melanie Olmstead

On September 27 + 28, alongside my friends at BetaKit, I had the good fortune of being able to attend and moderate some panels & pods at the inaugural All In conference in Montréal. It was a very slick conference with some impressive attendees and really great staff.

One of the highlights for me was speaking with Dr. Sasha Luccioni, AI Researcher & Climate Lead at Hugging Face, effectively the GitHub for AI. Or for those less nerdy types, a place where AI researchers and developers can share datasets, models, and applications. We had a wide-ranging, fast paced conversation and she was a great guest for someone who doesn't do a lot of podcasts, so you're in for a treat. This is in anticipation of her TED talk this week, so... #spoileralert.

Have a listen at 0.5x speed for your sanity

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