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You're already behind...

Don't worry about not being on top of everything. My latest reflections & predictions for 2023 & 2024 on the BetaKit podcast. And a teaser about my new show.
You're already behind...
Photo by Moritz Knöringer / Unsplash

Happy new year! Hope you had a restful break and are energized for the year ahead. I picked this headline because I'm really sick of reading about how you should optimize your life, could be doing better, etc. I enjoyed the book Four Thousand Weeks because it was written by a productivity guru who was like... what's the point of all of this productivity stuff? Maybe worth a read so you don't feel so bad about how "behind" you've fallen already.

Speaking of the year ahead (and behind), Douglas & I did our (now annual) reflection & predictions pod and would love your thoughts on it.

More formats & commentary here: https://betakit.com/2024-tech-predictions/

My New Show

Startup Community Awards, Montréal - December 2023

This year, aside from my advisory work, I'll be primarily focusing on a new web series on YouTube on entrepreneurship. But not in the format that you're accustomed to. More details to come shortly, but I recorded the first episode in Montréal in December courtesy of the folks at Montreal NewTech. Watch this space!

Have a great start to your new year!